Krystian Morgan's blog featuring motion graphics, short film experiments and feature film.

About the site

Hello and welcome to the all new Originally ‘Qemic’ was the home for my various motion graphics and short films experiments, now it’s the central hub for all work and projects, particularly focusing on the development of my animated feature film, ‘Porbeagle’.

I used to have a number of separate sites spread along the net, but have recently combined them into this one amalgamation, so expect to see production updates, tests for my film, motion graphics and short film experiments along with commercial projects I have been hired to produce.

About the film ‘Porbeagle’

As my first feature I’m quite reserved about releasing too much detail of the actual plot in this early juncture of production, more details will come as the work starts coming together. I’ve been told the story is a drama verging on a thriller and although written without a medium in mind the film will be animated as I believe it’s the best way for me to represent the script using the resources available to me.

Current Cast

Steve Speirs as Ryan
Laura Bridgwater as Jean
Read more about ‘Porbeagle’ here.

About Me

My name’s Krystian Morgan, by profession as a Creative Media Executive I typically deal with Motion Graphics, Compositing and General Design which I have done both full-time and in a freelance capacity. I also enjoy creating music, generally guitar based as that is my prime instrument. I also like to write. I’ve been obsessed with film from a very young age and feel that everything I have ever been interested in, in my life are all small fragments that culminate to the same goal: filmmaking.

So far in this endeavour I’ve encountered great enthusiasm and motivation from relatively new acquaintances who have in whatever capacity been introduced to this project. As a very introverted creator, this has really, unexpectedly and gratefully attributed in such a beneficial way to the original vision (preconceptions). I can only hope for this to continue as time ticks onward.

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