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By Krystian Aug.20.2008
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Blurred (instrumental)

Here’s a little instrumental song i wrote, hope to record it properly soon either by myself or as a band, and add a bit more depth and layer to it. This is sort of an experiment in posting this as i can create these videos more often in-between my other video experiments, animation etc… i’m not sure what sort of response this sort of video will get here, if it’s good, then i’ll do more  variations like this from time to time, plus play different genres, and if it’s not received that well then i’ll get the picture and stick to what i’ve been doing.

I will say though, i do like the colour grading of it.

  • I really like the music, it’s very good and the video has given me an idea….

  • I really enjoyed this! I’d totally edit to that. Also I love your TAG cloud.

  • Nice audio pans.

    I really appreciate that this is a one shot deal with a single fixed lense.

    Very well done.

  • Exquisitely framed. The grading, the abstraction through the glass, the unfocused background and the wonderful guitar playing gives this a beautiful magic. Keep them coming, Krystian. 🙂

  • I’m not a music expert, so I can’t rate your guitar performance, but I do like this VIDEOBLOG in general, as a movie 🙂

  • I really like this, great video and superb musicianship

  • Thanks Fred, and all, I appreciate it!

    I’ll post another to the ‘blog’ section next week, (god knows i need to start posting something again).