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By Krystian Oct.1.2012
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'WAX' a novel by Phil Duncan - Book Trailer

I had a lot of fun making this, it’s my first real foray into 3D animation and has really boosted my confidence/excitement in the medium going forward.

Preorder the book here: WAX @ RainTown Press
Some info for the tech-eys:

Modelled in Cinema 4D & ZBrush
Animated in Cinema 4D
Composited in After Effects
Edited in Premiere Pro
Scored in Garageband (yep) using a ‘Blue’ baby bottle and a Martin 000-M.

Some stills from the trailer:

WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still032WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still031WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still030WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still027WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still026WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still025WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still021WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still018WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still016WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still015WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still010

By Krystian May.20.2012
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Dynamics Tests (Cinema 4d) from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

3D Dynamics tests and Screenshots

So I finally got around to purchasing Cinema 4D. Last week I was at my caravan for another work-retreat, this time working on some props, sets and other assets for the film. I thought it would be fun to do a quick couple of dynamics tests (video above) and I also attempted caracter rigging from the new C4D R13 rigging system, the legacy Cinema 4D rigging system and also Cactus Dan’s system. I think the best way for the film will be to work with a combination of all, for example a Cactus Dan rig and an R13 rig for each main character, and maybe just an R13 rig for any ancillary background characters to save time.

The props and the sets are coming along really well, I’m really happy with how everything is turning out so far, they are much better than I envisaged when I began to write the script. I’m not going to show anything final, such as the actual sets, but here are a couple of test images etc… from some recent modelling practice. There’s still a long way ahead of me but how far I’ve come in the recent months is encouraging

By Krystian Jan.2.2010
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Dancing Still from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Dancing Still

Just had some fun playing around with some photos and the animation tools in photoshop. I really enjoyed making this, i think in the past i’ve cared too much about what happens next in a video, will it look good etc… which makes me loose sight of when i used to have fun making videos not worrying about that sort of thing. This blog as lackluster-y updated as it is something i love to do, and hate not doing, i’m going to try and find the fun again and post more with out the stress of thinking it’s crap.

This year’s gonna be the most important of my life, i’m really producing alot lately, whether it be writing, drawing or making videos and music, i’m creating more than i ever have, i just haven’t been showing it. I’m saving alot for the film. saving the good songs and the ideas i’m happy with, but it’s great to come back here and vent some content that just flowed rather than carefully planned.

Happy New year all!

By Krystian Aug.29.2009
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Lamnidae from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.


A short experiment in 3d and after effects. Put together in 2 days, just playing around with cinema 4d’s after effects integration and also combining particular with that of 3d footage.

Audio improvised and recorded by me.

By Krystian Mar.12.2008
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Belu - Water ad project from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Belu Water ad

Uni Video Ad campaign for Belu Water.