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By Krystian Aug.1.2011
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Qemic Films Ident (draft) from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Qemic Films Ident test

Had a play around with an ident this weekend. Made it in 2K and added it to the film’s timeline. I figured there’s certain things although not of the highest importance can be experimented with at this early point, so why not get at them whilst waiting for certain out-of-hand matters? I want the Qemic Films ident to be really different from the other indents you see preceding films. I’m hoping to also harp back to my old frenetic abstract and dark – and using footage for it. It was fun doing this, but I have ideas to really make it awesome. So will wait to do music for it until then. Maybe next weekend if I get chance, but I have a lot of other more urgent film-stuff to do already planned so may not get chance. Enjoy!

By Krystian Mar.26.2011
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Concepts #2 First Cintiq Drawings

Here’s a few initial sketches I’ve done this week using the new Cintiq. Have just been experimenting with colours and styles to further figure out the style possibilities (not that there’s a plan to stick to one). Really enjoyable to use, I’m looking forward to start focusing more on realising locations and finalising characters over the next couple of weeks. I’m also testing an animatic creation workflow which I will be preceding with soon too. Which will be great to finally see the story as a kind of preliminary animation and see how it flows and will be able to make some smarter decisions on final changes through that. Should be fun.

P Concept corridor


Orange Boy Sketch

By Krystian Dec.7.2010
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Rigging 3D Characters (Basics)

Recently I’ve been spending alot of time working on my 3D, both modelling and texture wise for Motion Graphics purposes. I found this really interesting… and simple tutorial on Youtube on how to get a simple inverse kinematics rig running in Cinema 4D and seeing how one should typically perform. I’m going to spend more time looking into this, and even do some tests using generic dummy figures to see how it gels with me. I really doubt I’ll end up going down this route, when I picture the scenes of my film in my head, they’re definitely not in 3D, but you never know till you try. Some instant hesitations and things to worry about are. Lip syncing, clothing and hair dynamics (both looking good and not too slow renders) and also not looking too cutesy. At the very least I’ll have a little walkabout animation and can learn how to do it better organically in the future.

Video by mdotstrange

By Krystian Nov.14.2010
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Miscellaneous Concepts #1

Below are a few random concepts from the vault. Some recent, some not-so, some digital, some not. Most of these go far in one direction and if ever to be considered would be taken back a few notches (closer to reality).





The two below are related as a natural progression. I plan to explain this soon In a production progress. I plan to use not just one way of setting up a scene. I was initially planning on creating an entire animatic for the film. I still will in areas, but plan to also film certain ‘actions’ that can help me better animate or even rotoscope too… a little trick I took from Fire and Ice.



I’m looking forward to the stage when the entire film is made but in a collage form of video and drawings, really rough but should be a glint of what it’s going to be. In that stage it should be watchable (at least for me) and I could refine the cuts, what’s needed and what’s not. Will allow me to save alot of time with not having to animate scenes that I’ll eventually cut.