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By Krystian Aug.17.2012
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By Krystian Jun.17.2012
In: Blog, Cool stuff

MdotStrange's Heart String Marionette Available Now!

I posted the teaser to this film a little while back.

I came across MdotStrange whilst searching for Cinema 4D tutorials on Youtube, he has the perfect mind set in accordance to using 3D software, creating animated shorts and features solo (completely).

He’s finally completed and released to the world his second animated feature, ‘Heart String Marionette’ and I have to admit I had high expectations for this one, but they were far surpassed in every way. I watched it twice yesterday and it vastly improved upon a second viewing too. It feels like a darkly Wizard of Oz or Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, with Samurai and monsters, it’s at times funny, at times exciting, at times moving but always beautiful.

Disillusioned by film festivals and how many have become more money raising schemes for the festivals themselves and less focus on the filmmaker and the films, this time around MdotStrange opted into releasing the film independently and digitally on his website.

If you’re an adventurous film watcher, enjoy watching animation and more experimental films, I implore you to check out MdotStrange’s ‘Heart String Marionette’.

Available now for $5 at

Support an independent animator, in the truest sense of the word!