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By Krystian Jun.10.2010
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So How is the Film Progressing?

Wanted to give a little insight on what’s been going on lately. Late last year I published a blog post, ‘The Film‘, explaining very vaguely my plans for my film. I’ve sparsely mentioned the progress I’ve made and this has been mainly attributed to the current stage i’m in (writing). I’ve always liked story writing and in school I was told I was pretty good at it, but post leaving high school I haven’t continued to develop that area. At all. I had some major issues expanding the story of the screenplay, I attribute this to lack of conditioning in creating new story paths. I gave myself the deadline of a year to write it and I still feel good about that decision. With a year I have been able to sit with my outline and synopsis and mature the story in many areas as I deem fit. The goal being to saturate it and make it interesting enough to warrant spending 2+ years of my life actually ‘making’ it.

I’m really happy with how I am now able to generate plot ideas. As soon as the script started taking shape I started getting idea after idea for other stories/scripts. Some things I have been able to integrate together for a back-story or more of an ancillary character’s journey, and some I have put on the back burner with the peace of mind that this one (which has a name but will reveal that later) is the right one for me to be investing my energy into at this time being.

guitar boy

From Friday 18th of June to Friday 25th of June I am staying at my caravan in the Gower for another burst of writing with no distractions like the internet (yes no reception there) no shops, or people even, just peace and empty fields. Last time I was there (May) I had a healthy amount down on paper and this time around I have more than twice the days to have some serious progress.

I have a script consultant booked on 27th August, which is a year on the day I committed to the film. Through getting a professional and an outsiders perspective on my script I hope to take the feedback I agree with and get to a third draft from that information. I think the script consultant will be very beneficial as this is the very first script or substantial story writing I’ve written and the way I may feel about characters and situations may not translate the way I had planned to you. The consultant should open my eyes to these instances.

When I have the third draft, production will steam ahead. Casting, voicing, designing, animatics will follow shortly. Soon i’m going to be launching a new site dedicated to the film (it’s already made and is floating around somewhere) and there I’m planning on regularly posting progress, thoughts on the development, processes, general and hoping to do some production vlogs, not unlike (if I can get over my fear of the camera).

Some other crazy stuff has happened recently, which I wish I could talk about, but can’t at this time. I’ve been keeping a by weekly journal to help me remember that interesting things need to be happening….. it rivals both Anne Frank and Adrian Mole 😉

Wow you read all this?

By Krystian Nov.29.2009
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The Film

A little History

Ok, so some people here may already know that i’m currently writing a script for a film that i intend to make and complete in the next few years. Although at the moment, i don’t want to give to much information about it away, as i’m still developing new ideas and avenues as i’m writing, i have a name which i’m also happy with and will reveal that later too.

I’ve been planning on doing this since the last year of college (4 years ago now) and has been a bit of a pipe dream all my life. But now, it’s happening and i’m really pumped and focused on it (it’s one of the main reasons that the site’s been so quiet as i’ve been prepping research for the project, it was also the reasoning behind starting up the drawing blog to get some, digital drawing practice a year beforehand).


What i can tell you at the moment it that:

  1. It’s going to be a full-feature length movie.
  2. It’s going to be completely animated.
  3. And i’m going to do pretty much everything myself

on weekends, including music (will have help with dialogue of course).

I’m not going to post much more on the film for a while, at least until i’m at the end of the writing stage and am entering the design/production stage. In time the film will have it’s own site, and production diaries, not completely unlike But until then if you’re interested in knowing more, i’d love you to fill out the form below to subscribe to the newsletter (you wont get any confirmation emails or anything like that), and in a few months i’ll send you a packed email full of info, schedule and stuff like that.