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By Krystian Sep.28.2012
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Recent happenings.

Hello reader, thanks for dropping by. You look wonderful, that colour really suits you and I love what you’ve done with your hair.

I just wanted to give a quick update on some recent happenings.

Firstly, a few months back I reduced my hours at work quite a bit. It was getting me down how slow the work on the film has been coming. So now with more time on my hands to put directly into the film, I expect progress to increase exponentially, Yay!

Secondly I’ve been hard at work, testing my newly acquired 3D skills with a video for my buddy, author; @anotherphil. Phil has been kind enough in the past to help me out with some advice/encouragement with my first screenplay so it has been great to help him out by making a cool video and in turn boost my confidence in this whole 3D animation stuff going forward.

Right now I’m putting the finishing touches to this video, I hope you visit again in the next couple of days and check it out!

There’s a few other cool little things I have in the works and am very excited about, but a little more on those when they’re ready to show.

By Krystian Mar.5.2012
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New Tumblr Gallery

I recently created a new tumblr that I’m using as a gallery for random workings of the film. I post something at least once a week of things I’m currently working on, experimenting with or just little teaser insights.

Check it out:

Head Modelling in Cinema 4D

By Krystian Dec.31.2010
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Happy new year! Goals and Thoughts


Happy new year to everyone. Hope you’ve had a good one as I have. A lot of unexpected things have happened this year which have made it one of the best and I’m sure that 2011 will build upon that. I hate doing resolutions, but if i’d have to do one I’d say to put complete focus into the film, consume less media and create more in it’s place, don’t become complacent and keep up the work ethic I’ve had in bunches through out last year consistently through this new one.

I’m a big to-do list guy. I use them religiously to organise what tasks I have to do in a given day. I started up a general 2011 goals list for the film to be shared publicly. I hope to add to this as I’d be disappointed if i did not complete all these prior to the year ending. But for now as you can see the goal is to be at the place where I’m churning out final- in the film content by the end of the year.

2011 Goals:

Stay tuned as things are going to accelerate.

By Krystian Nov.6.2010
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New Official Twitter account.


Just a quick message to say that I’ve set up a dedicated twitter account @porbeaglefilm for the site. It’s a great way to get links for the new posts if you don’t use rss-readers and generally keep up with the news. Click the image above to follow us.

By Krystian Apr.25.2010
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3D Adventures

A couple of 3D abstracts of recent. I’ve gotten into the habit more and more of opening 3d software and just playing with the different tools and seeing what they do. Soon hoping to branch out into creating environments and buildings for long camera pans and other visuals i have for the film, and otherwise. I have also been toying with the idea of using it as a compositing application with pre-made 2d animation and 3 dimensional stylised objects.

Some crazy stuff has been happening recently, i’ll elaborate more later.