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By Krystian Nov.19.2009
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Digital Artist Awards 2009

Just wanted to quickly write a little blog about this…before too much time has gone by and it’s then weird.

A few months back i submitted three of my videos the Digital Artist Awards 2009 competition as advertised in Computer Arts magazine.

I managed to get third in the world for my ‘The Thing Title Sequence‘ in the Motion Broadcast. It was pretty cool as i had no clue of my chances. 1st place went to Ben Davies of ‘The Neighbourhood. It was nice seeing my name in Computer Arts again too, as it was a magazine i regularly referred to for inspiration in college and university.

The ceremony was held at Blackall Studios London – it was really cool to see alot of great work up there from graphic design to illustration and was also nice to see screenshots of my video framed on the wall and it looping in rotation on a video display. Makes me want to be better.

Digital Artist Awards 2009

I’d like to enter again next year if i make something better.

By Krystian Sep.5.2009
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Syncing Applications using Dropbox

This is a really cool little tip, if you’re an avid user of library driven software in the vain of GTD to-do lists, image libraries and want to access the software (and the all the new content you’ve added to them) from any of your computers dynamically.

Ok i’m already assuming you have your own dropbox account, and is all set-up on all your desired computers….if not, firstly head over to, sign-up and set it up.


This technique works with quite a few different software, i personally use it for, ‘Things‘, ‘The Hit List‘ and ‘Littlesnapper. But i’m sure you can try it on other apps to see if they support it.

For this demonstration, i’m going to use Cultured Codes, ‘Things’.

Step 1

Firstly close down the application if it’s running, and instead hold alt (option key) and click on the Things icon in your dock.


You’ll get a little pop-up asking you to Choose Things Library. Click ‘Create’ and navigate over to your Dropbox folder on your computer. I like to create a new folder to keep all the libraries separate, so i call it ‘Things-sync’, press ‘Create’, press save and we have our new library built on our dropbox account.

createlibrary.png newfolder.jpg

Step 2

Now we need to boot-up the other computers that we wish to sync the software with. Make sure you have your dropbox account installed there too, and the same as before, alt+click on the Things icon in the dock. This time, instead of choosing ‘Create’, we click ‘Choose’. We locate the folder appropriately titled, ‘Things’, click open and there you have it. The app is synced up between two computers. Just follow the second step for syncing up more computers to the same application.


The only real difference you may see in doing this with other applications, is that they may solely save a library file. So when you choose the library from another computer, you will select that file and not the folder containing it. Enjoy!

By Krystian Aug.15.2009
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Rhonda 3D Drawing Tool

This text will be replaced

Rhonda is a new tool that allows you to draw in 3D space, it is currently undergoing beta testing. I signed up and downloaded my beta .dmg to give it a try, and it’s really nice. The tool is really exciting, in the sense that 3D in the future has the potential of having a new hand drawn aesthetic that is hard to achieve when drawing mainly consists of adjusting parameters and corner points. It’s hard to come up with something that isn’t polished and has that ‘computer made’ feel. Alot can be said for the beauty of human imperfection.

I see this tool among other areas being really interesting in the animation field. I’d like to see some of the ‘Awkward’ style of some British animation cross over into the 3d realm, see if it could work in that format and how would it look?

Stressed ericQuentin Blake

I’ve tried the beta using just a keyboard and my Wacom tablet. I’d be interested in trying the software in the near future using a touch screen or Cintiq as is shown in the opening video over at the Rhonda website (much better example of the software’s capabilities than mine).

As for feature hopes, i’d home to see the ability to export to all the main 3D softwares Maya, Cinema 4D etc… Also perhaps a snapping option to the points of a previously drawn path, the ability to select paths and link to others and some bezier handles for fine adjustments.

All in all this is a really cool development, looking forward to seeing the progress and updates of the software. Go check it out and sign-up at

By Krystian Aug.4.2009
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Hello, and welcome to the new site. If you’re a first time visitor this site has been re-designed, re-modded and re-branded. I was happy with the prior name ( but felt it was a little long and hard to remember, so here we have a new modern-ish imagining…

This is the first site i’ve coded from scratch..well..the Starkers theme, and had help from tutorials and learned from aspects of other sites i like. I think i have a solid foundation to build upon now, and expect new aspects to be appearing in the next few weeks.

So what’s different apart from the name?

Previously the site was video only posts, on this one i’ve utilized categories more and have dedicated certain posts and areas of the sites according to what category they’re under, so I’m now able to post both video and written posts in the same feed, but also organize and separate them across the site.


There are now two main feeds that you can subscribe to, the first contains both the video and written posts and if you’re already subscribed here this is the feed that you will be seeing with new updates.

Also there is now a videos only feed if they are the only content here you want to be updated with.

What will the written posts be about?

I’ve got a few post drafts in the works and they will be along the lines of software reviews, tips and tricks, general updates and downloads such as the video themes that i have promised.

Also although the written portion of the site will be primarily text and images, I’m also gonna use the area to post more videos that i like but don’t necessarily want to be featured in the ‘video’ portion of the site and feed.

Hope you like the new look and name!


ps. The site has a few issues and bugs at the moment that i’m aware of and aswell as adding new functionality, pages etc… i’m gonna squash those issues within the next few days.