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By Krystian Jul.16.2010
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The Hills Have Eyes - Title Sequence Project (2008) from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

The Hills Have Eyes - 2007

Wow, I was just checking through my old uni videos and I realised I never actually posted this on the blog. This was the very first title sequence project I worked on, I uploaded it to blip on Jul 16, 2007 09:50am. It was also the first video I created in After Effects. It consisted of prepping some A4 sheets with brown crumpled strands and coffee stains, charcoal drawing frames from the 1966 Wes Craven movie, scanning/stitching them together in Photoshop and animating the big canvas in AE.

I remember enjoying writing the audio on my acoustic guitar and recording it in garageband, playing around with various effects to get something ominous.

Hope you like if you’ve not seen it, it’s pretty old now, but kinda fun.

By Krystian Aug.6.2009
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Hey, i'm in Computer Arts!

Every year Computer Arts magazine does a special Graduates Edition of the magazine and i’ve managed to be in this years copy (Summer 09).

Inside of the Graduate Part of the mag are two frames from ‘The Thing – Title Sequence‘.

And on the disc is the video for ‘Drive‘.

Pretty cool.

computerarts graduatecover insidemag

By Krystian Apr.6.2009
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The Thing - Title Sequence from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

The Thing - Title Sequence

Title Sequence for the John Carpenter movie. Still not entirely sure what i think about this video, i’ve worked harder on it that anything else i’ve ever done, and i do know that it’s the best thing that i’ve done so far, but i spent so long in and out of love with the project, i can’t really look at it much anymore…

Krystian Morgan interviewed about ‘The Thing’ at

Featured in Computer Arts, issue #165

3rd Place Digital Artist Awards 2009

There’s two versions, this is the shorter of the two, this ones a bit more cleaner-cut than the other, and there’s a section in the other video that seems a bit out of place (i’ll have to get a second opinion).

I wanted to encapsulate a very visceral and foreboding image. So i took the tactile approach of renting a HDV camera and shooting some close-ups of various organic matter, taking many photographs of slimy textures to incorporate together into the short.

I personally think the still frames below are stronger than the video itself, would really love to hear your thoughts on it, since only three people including myself have seen the final prior to posting now.

Thanks to Rupert, for suggesting doing ‘The Thing’ as this project, and also Chris my tutor for really helping me out with ideas and motivating me, because i got tired with working on it alot.

Music by me.

Can’t wait to make something better.







By Krystian Jun.19.2008
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Planet Terror - DVD Project from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.


This is the final project of my second year at GCADT/ CSCCI (Digital Video Design/ Interactive and Motion Design). I decided to do a dvd menu for ‘Planet Terror‘ because i’m a big fan of the director (Robert Rodriguez) and the ‘Grindhouse‘ revival concept, plus it’s my favourite of the two movies.

During designing this project i decided to learn how to use Blender 3D (an open source 3d modeling/ animation program) which i used for the text. I also decided to do some rotoscoping of some of the films characters, which is always good fun. Of course, the video makes more sense as on a authored interactive dvd, and i decided not to upload the special features menu at the moment.

By Krystian May.6.2008
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Five - Channel Ident Project from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Channel 5 Ident

Ok this is a very short video post. This uni project is a late night, popcorn movie ident for Channel Five. I made it in one night, i’ll post some longer videos soon, i am on my final project of year two at the moment. So have alot to do these next 4 weeks.