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By Krystian Mar.12.2008
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Belu - Water ad project from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Belu Water ad

Uni Video Ad campaign for Belu Water.

By Krystian Nov.13.2007
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As Good as it Gets - DVD Project from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

As Good As It Gets (DVD Menu)

Here are some studio photographs and progress screengrabs taken during the creation of my latest uni project ‘As Good As It Gets DVD Menu’.

Set Bluescreen Close-up
Studio BlueScreen Close-Up

Camera Close-Up (Canon XL1)
Studio Camera Close-Up (XL1)

Set Wide Shot
Studio (DVD Menu Project) Set-Up

Original Footage Screenshot
Original Footage (For DVD Menu Project)

After Effects Progress Screengrab
After Effects Progress Screengrab (DVD Menu Project)

I wanted to shoot on green/ bluescreen so i would have greater control on each individual aspect (colour correction)etc.. in the editing stage. I have definitely worked harder on this that my other projects. Even though the results i worked for are more subtle and only recognizable when you really concentrate i’m glad i put in the extra work.

The After Effects screenshot was taken about midway through the project. You may notice some differences between it and the final including the text.