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By Krystian May.30.2011
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Creating Character Names in Scrivener

I wish I came across this little tool earlier.

If you’re having trouble or have commonly found yourself having trouble thinking of names for your characters in new writing projects, Scrivener has an awesome tool to help you out.

Simply go to EDIT – WRITING TOOLS and select NAME GENERATOR.

This will pop up a simple window below which will populate with names that you can use or mix and match with each other once you hit the ‘Generate Names’ button.

If you click on the little cog icon on the bottom right of the pop-up a few more options will appear for you to fine tune your results. Here you can select whether you need male only, female only or a mixture of both and also an obscurity level of the actual names produced. These are the two I’ve been playing with most lately.

In a recent project I’ve attempted to write a little differently than the script for Porbeagle. I’ve decided to go more situation based and without an outline to see how I like it. I find myself constantly hitting a little wall where I need to introduce a character which has not been all planned out before so this little tool is really indispensable to quickly give a realistic name to that character and move forward with the story.

If you haven’t tried Scrivener, check my other post which goes over some of my favourite writing features and why I use it: Using Scrivener to Write Screenplays.

Or check out the Scrivener home page to get a trial.