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By Krystian Jan.2.2010
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Dancing Still from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Dancing Still

Just had some fun playing around with some photos and the animation tools in photoshop. I really enjoyed making this, i think in the past i’ve cared too much about what happens next in a video, will it look good etc… which makes me loose sight of when i used to have fun making videos not worrying about that sort of thing. This blog as lackluster-y updated as it is something i love to do, and hate not doing, i’m going to try and find the fun again and post more with out the stress of thinking it’s crap.

This year’s gonna be the most important of my life, i’m really producing alot lately, whether it be writing, drawing or making videos and music, i’m creating more than i ever have, i just haven’t been showing it. I’m saving alot for the film. saving the good songs and the ideas i’m happy with, but it’s great to come back here and vent some content that just flowed rather than carefully planned.

Happy New year all!