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By Krystian Aug.4.2009
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Hello, and welcome to the new site. If you’re a first time visitor this site has been re-designed, re-modded and re-branded. I was happy with the prior name ( but felt it was a little long and hard to remember, so here we have a new modern-ish imagining…

This is the first site i’ve coded from scratch..well..the Starkers theme, and had help from tutorials and learned from aspects of other sites i like. I think i have a solid foundation to build upon now, and expect new aspects to be appearing in the next few weeks.

So what’s different apart from the name?

Previously the site was video only posts, on this one i’ve utilized categories more and have dedicated certain posts and areas of the sites according to what category they’re under, so I’m now able to post both video and written posts in the same feed, but also organize and separate them across the site.


There are now two main feeds that you can subscribe to, the first contains both the video and written posts and if you’re already subscribed here this is the feed that you will be seeing with new updates.

Also there is now a videos only feed if they are the only content here you want to be updated with.

What will the written posts be about?

I’ve got a few post drafts in the works and they will be along the lines of software reviews, tips and tricks, general updates and downloads such as the video themes that i have promised.

Also although the written portion of the site will be primarily text and images, I’m also gonna use the area to post more videos that i like but don’t necessarily want to be featured in the ‘video’ portion of the site and feed.

Hope you like the new look and name!


ps. The site has a few issues and bugs at the moment that i’m aware of and aswell as adding new functionality, pages etc… i’m gonna squash those issues within the next few days.