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By Krystian Jan.3.2011
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Little changes to Increase Productivity

Today has been one of the most productive days I’ve had on working on the film. I’ve had a little dry patch due to too much expectation on certain things and also too much focus on other projects. For some reason I early on had a sweep of motivation. I decided to re-organise my computer a little, doing a couple of little things that should make things a little easier to focus on, ironically it’s partially due to making the screen uglier and harder to navigate.

1, Flat colour desktop background – It’s clean and irritating to look at, makes me focus on the task at hand and not the ‘pretty’ background.

2, Dock is set to right – I work in two monitors… soon to be three. It’s now hard to get to the dock which is good as it used to be like almost muscle memory to check my emails and feeds every five minutes, I now have to cover alot of ground to get to it, and it’s out of the way enough that I don’t check nearly as regularly…

3, Turing notifications off – I did this a while ago but it make a vast difference. Going into the preferences of all apps like twitter, email, RSS readers and turning off any sound or growl indications of new content.

4, Unsubscribing to annoying newsletters – I used to get a lot of newsletter emails daily, most I don’t read but I do take time to open as I hate the unread counter. Also I’m looking to saving money to put directly into the film so don’t want to impulsively buy crap. If i subscribed to something for memory (I’ll use this one day) I’m sure I’ll find the service again, I don’t need to bugged now.

5, Lowering standards – I’m lowering my standards a little to get things down. I have to remember that this film is an animation after all, it’s not all about the shoot and I can redo stuff if I need to and can improve it when it’s there. I’ve been too focused on getting things perfect first time which is a bit overkill. This is even true in pre-production stages like storyboarding, I mean storyboards don’t have to look ‘good’ as long as they’re understandable and get the idea across why spend anytime on them? (especially as I don’t plan on sticking religiously to them). Letting the pressure down a little in order to work more and enjoy the work that I do.