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By Krystian Nov.14.2010
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Miscellaneous Concepts #1

Below are a few random concepts from the vault. Some recent, some not-so, some digital, some not. Most of these go far in one direction and if ever to be considered would be taken back a few notches (closer to reality).





The two below are related as a natural progression. I plan to explain this soon In a production progress. I plan to use not just one way of setting up a scene. I was initially planning on creating an entire animatic for the film. I still will in areas, but plan to also film certain ‘actions’ that can help me better animate or even rotoscope too… a little trick I took from Fire and Ice.



I’m looking forward to the stage when the entire film is made but in a collage form of video and drawings, really rough but should be a glint of what it’s going to be. In that stage it should be watchable (at least for me) and I could refine the cuts, what’s needed and what’s not. Will allow me to save alot of time with not having to animate scenes that I’ll eventually cut.