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By Krystian Feb.22.2010
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My Interview at

Krystian Morgan interview at

I was contacted in January, asked if i’d be interviewed for regarding my title sequence for John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’. Of course i accepted, it’s one of my favourite design sites and i often visit when i’m in a slump looking for reference and inspiration from all the great title sequences that exist.

I’m really blown over by it, it’s great motivation to continue doing what i’m doing. I hope one day to be half as good as some of the prior interviewees which includes Kyle Cooper and Danny Yount, which are prime inspiration for me choosing Motion Graphics as a focus in the first place.

Check it out the interview here.

The Thing Video at Qemic is here.


  • Ryan

    Congratulations dude, this is a great video and sure to get you a lot of attention out of college. Best of luck!

  • Thanks Ryan, appreciate it!

    Thanks for checking out the site 🙂