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By Krystian Jan.1.2012
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Film Update 2012

Hello, it’s been a little while since the last post here on the blog so  I thought I’d do a little update on the film and it’s progress entering 2012.

We currently have two actors attached to the film:

I’ve already recorded Steve’s dialogue which went great. My current plans for the casting/recording of the remaining parts: to be focused on later in the year.


The past few months my main focus has been on learning as much as I can to do with the technical side of the film: the 3D software. I’ve in particular spent most time my learning through books, tutorials and tests how to model and rig characters ready for animation.

This is really the crux of it all in my mind as once the characters are digitally created and set up ready to go, I feel, in a way, the hardest job will be done and although the animation and modelling of other assets will be a much longer task, it will also be a much easier and more enjoyable task.

With modelling, I now have the first set created. Today I’ve been playing around with the look and feel for the film (or that set at least) I’ve lately been leaning towards a black and white look but that could change in time. I’ve also tested and defined what render settings and workflow I’m using with the film and finding out alternative routes for time-intensive render options like DOF and Motion Blur which I need, but don’t want to waste time doing natively if I can get them as-good in post in a tenth of the time.

Anyway time for me to return to isolation. No resolutions for me, I just want to keep on the same track going forward.


Happy New Year!

By Krystian Aug.1.2011
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CSS-Tricks Intro animation v2 from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

CSS-Tricks Intro v2

The second (v2) Intro for the 100th episode of the screencasts hosted by Chris Coyier. Had a lot of fun on this one. Music by Chris Coyier. Enjoy!

The original Intro.

By Krystian
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Qemic Films Ident (draft) from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Qemic Films Ident test

Had a play around with an ident this weekend. Made it in 2K and added it to the film’s timeline. I figured there’s certain things although not of the highest importance can be experimented with at this early point, so why not get at them whilst waiting for certain out-of-hand matters? I want the Qemic Films ident to be really different from the other indents you see preceding films. I’m hoping to also harp back to my old frenetic abstract and dark – and using footage for it. It was fun doing this, but I have ideas to really make it awesome. So will wait to do music for it until then. Maybe next weekend if I get chance, but I have a lot of other more urgent film-stuff to do already planned so may not get chance. Enjoy!

By Krystian Jul.24.2011
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Recollection and Introspection

guitar boy

I’ve been in an unusual good mood lately, one that has so far sustained itself for the longest period that I can remember. I’ve been introspecting and recollecting the past few years from 2008 to present and it’s been a nice an uplifting task in recalling the different eras (as they felt) and what kind of mind set I was in at those times, both good and bad. It really has been a experience where I can look at it from both a personal and objective standpoint and close a book on a few things and be comfortable in moving forward. Of all things this journey was set in motion through my emails, Importing them from one account to another and seeing slowly the conversations pop-up from 2008 to present and given many little bursts of memory, being transported back in time to a time when those emails were of the upmost concern in my life, seeing moments in time that were high points and also seeing times when I was at my most stressed out and having to ground myself through hard emails to read and write. It was nice to see that the majority were on the good side of the fence. A lot of things that temporarily got filed at the back of my mind and forgotten brought forward before my eyes and bringing a cheery reminiscence of, ‘Oh yeah, I remember that, that was really a great moment’. It put into perspective all the crazy stuff that has happened since 2008 and how it’s great to be able to keep improving day to day and trucking on forward hoping to be running on the good side of the fence more often than the bad.

I wrote 6011 words in a single stretch about it all, putting it to rest, that felt good too, both cathartic and motivating.

I have the combined feelings of upmost fear and upmost excitement about what is going on around today: 24th July 2011 and the remainder of this year. There’s a lot of things in the unknown but the potential of it all is hard not to pontificate with a wide-eyed fascination.

By Krystian Jun.19.2011
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Portable Recording Studio + mini update

Blue microphone soundbooth reflection

I wrote about getting one of these before. I went for a better mic and a lesser reflection studio (booth) and am really happy with the ease of use and results I’ve gotten from recent tests. All dialogue will be recorded through this mic, a sound-card and a laptop enabling me to record where I’m based or also take it with me to record elsewhere. I also plan on tracking much of the soundtrack using it and my acoustic. The sound of the guitar (raw) sounds exact to how it sounds in the room which I was really impressed with.

Regarding the film, it’s more a-go than ever. Things are developing faster than ever. I’m currently in talks with a few people regarding parts and have booked two weeks at the end of August/start of September to fully complete the animatic animation with demo voices.