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By Krystian Jun.19.2008
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Planet Terror - DVD Project from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.


This is the final project of my second year at GCADT/ CSCCI (Digital Video Design/ Interactive and Motion Design). I decided to do a dvd menu for ‘Planet Terror‘ because i’m a big fan of the director (Robert Rodriguez) and the ‘Grindhouse‘ revival concept, plus it’s my favourite of the two movies.

During designing this project i decided to learn how to use Blender 3D (an open source 3d modeling/ animation program) which i used for the text. I also decided to do some rotoscoping of some of the films characters, which is always good fun. Of course, the video makes more sense as on a authored interactive dvd, and i decided not to upload the special features menu at the moment.

  • Really cool, and really good. How long did it take you?

  • I think the actual making of it in After Effects and Blender took about two to three long nights, most of the time beforehand was trying to come up with ideas and learning how to use blender.

  • This is really cool… Totally awesome… Good job!

  • I saw this as soon as I saw it in my feeds this morning. I wanted to leave a comment immediately, but I’d clicked the video and it’d opened in Blip and somehow I got distracted.
    I’m really impressed, man. Really. Both technically excellent and an extension of the film itself. Bet the one they made themselves wasn’t anywhere near as good.
    Hope they give you good marks for this.

  • Very, very impressive. Give this man a job!

  • Wow , nice , I just downloaded Blender three weeks ago and I’m still going through it’s tutorial. I’m learning how to effectively use it’s UVW map features.

    (Sigh) I hope that someday soon that I can do the stuff you guy do with it’s modeling and animation capabilities.