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By Krystian Aug.1.2011
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Qemic Films Ident (draft) from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Qemic Films Ident test

Had a play around with an ident this weekend. Made it in 2K and added it to the film’s timeline. I figured there’s certain things although not of the highest importance can be experimented with at this early point, so why not get at them whilst waiting for certain out-of-hand matters? I want the Qemic Films ident to be really different from the other indents you see preceding films. I’m hoping to also harp back to my old frenetic abstract and dark – and using footage for it. It was fun doing this, but I have ideas to really make it awesome. So will wait to do music for it until then. Maybe next weekend if I get chance, but I have a lot of other more urgent film-stuff to do already planned so may not get chance. Enjoy!