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By Krystian Nov.22.2010
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Ralph Bakshi - Surviving in Tough Times

Ralph Bakshi: Surviving Tough Times –

“…Lethargic, Uninspired, Terrified.”

I’m starting off a new topic of posts to be intermittently published throughout the lifespan of the blog (and the film’s production). These posts will be about inspiration, inspiration for me and I’m sure many people who are interesting in making film (or content) in general.

So firstly let’s start with this 2008 video interview with Ralph Bakshi, animation and film director. I have another more detailed post about Bakshi in the pipeline but I wanted to kick off this new category of posts with this video, as I personally find it one of the most motivating videos to watch, if I’m ever procrastinating (which is thankfully getting rarer and rarer) this video jogs me back to sense. Very simple advice that comes from a person who can talk objectively about the time we are currently living in. It may be directed towards animation, but really is applicable to most forms of creation – particularly large projects.

I’m lucky enough to have a drawing that Ralph drew for me. It’s one of my most valued possessions.

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