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By Krystian Jul.24.2011
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Recollection and Introspection

guitar boy

I’ve been in an unusual good mood lately, one that has so far sustained itself for the longest period that I can remember. I’ve been introspecting and recollecting the past few years from 2008 to present and it’s been a nice an uplifting task in recalling the different eras (as they felt) and what kind of mind set I was in at those times, both good and bad. It really has been a experience where I can look at it from both a personal and objective standpoint and close a book on a few things and be comfortable in moving forward. Of all things this journey was set in motion through my emails, Importing them from one account to another and seeing slowly the conversations pop-up from 2008 to present and given many little bursts of memory, being transported back in time to a time when those emails were of the upmost concern in my life, seeing moments in time that were high points and also seeing times when I was at my most stressed out and having to ground myself through hard emails to read and write. It was nice to see that the majority were on the good side of the fence. A lot of things that temporarily got filed at the back of my mind and forgotten brought forward before my eyes and bringing a cheery reminiscence of, ‘Oh yeah, I remember that, that was really a great moment’. It put into perspective all the crazy stuff that has happened since 2008 and how it’s great to be able to keep improving day to day and trucking on forward hoping to be running on the good side of the fence more often than the bad.

I wrote 6011 words in a single stretch about it all, putting it to rest, that felt good too, both cathartic and motivating.

I have the combined feelings of upmost fear and upmost excitement about what is going on around today: 24th July 2011 and the remainder of this year. There’s a lot of things in the unknown but the potential of it all is hard not to pontificate with a wide-eyed fascination.