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By Krystian Dec.7.2010
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Rigging 3D Characters (Basics)

Recently I’ve been spending alot of time working on my 3D, both modelling and texture wise for Motion Graphics purposes. I found this really interesting… and simple tutorial on Youtube on how to get a simple inverse kinematics rig running in Cinema 4D and seeing how one should typically perform. I’m going to spend more time looking into this, and even do some tests using generic dummy figures to see how it gels with me. I really doubt I’ll end up going down this route, when I picture the scenes of my film in my head, they’re definitely not in 3D, but you never know till you try. Some instant hesitations and things to worry about are. Lip syncing, clothing and hair dynamics (both looking good and not too slow renders) and also not looking too cutesy. At the very least I’ll have a little walkabout animation and can learn how to do it better organically in the future.

Video by mdotstrange