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By Krystian Sep.5.2009
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Syncing Applications using Dropbox

This is a really cool little tip, if you’re an avid user of library driven software in the vain of GTD to-do lists, image libraries and want to access the software (and the all the new content you’ve added to them) from any of your computers dynamically.

Ok i’m already assuming you have your own dropbox account, and is all set-up on all your desired computers….if not, firstly head over to, sign-up and set it up.


This technique works with quite a few different software, i personally use it for, ‘Things‘, ‘The Hit List‘ and ‘Littlesnapper. But i’m sure you can try it on other apps to see if they support it.

For this demonstration, i’m going to use Cultured Codes, ‘Things’.

Step 1

Firstly close down the application if it’s running, and instead hold alt (option key) and click on the Things icon in your dock.


You’ll get a little pop-up asking you to Choose Things Library. Click ‘Create’ and navigate over to your Dropbox folder on your computer. I like to create a new folder to keep all the libraries separate, so i call it ‘Things-sync’, press ‘Create’, press save and we have our new library built on our dropbox account.

createlibrary.png newfolder.jpg

Step 2

Now we need to boot-up the other computers that we wish to sync the software with. Make sure you have your dropbox account installed there too, and the same as before, alt+click on the Things icon in the dock. This time, instead of choosing ‘Create’, we click ‘Choose’. We locate the folder appropriately titled, ‘Things’, click open and there you have it. The app is synced up between two computers. Just follow the second step for syncing up more computers to the same application.


The only real difference you may see in doing this with other applications, is that they may solely save a library file. So when you choose the library from another computer, you will select that file and not the folder containing it. Enjoy!

  • Hi Krystian,
    Nice idea!
    I am using it for keeping my final cut project files. its great because that way you also keep versions, and if i have my source video files on my laptop and imac i can edit on the two machines each at a time without almost any sync problem… 😉

  • Hey Zé Nuno, long time no-see.

    That’s a great idea, i wouldn’t have thought that could have worked. May try with Premiere and After Effects, see if they work as good as Final Cut as it’s always great to have access to those files anywhere, and not being confined to a desk all day 🙂

    I rarely use Dropbox for a typical ‘hard-drive’ purpose, but i feel it’s wonderful for keeping updates between software on different computers.

  • Good tips, worth mentioning that having open on multiple machines using this method can cause undesired results.

    Of course, the magic of Dropbox is that you can restore your Things library to the correct version – problem solved! 😉

    I now use Dropbox to sync iTunes, iPhoto, Things and a number of other apps using this exact technique.