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By Krystian Apr.1.2012
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DJV Imaging - Sequence Player

Here’s a cool and powerful little app I found online recently that’s going to prove indispensable whilst working on the film.

It’s called ‘DJV’ and it is quite simply an image sequence player. Now, you can play .tif and .png image sequences etc.. from within Quicktime Player 7, but it doesn’t support many HDR image sequence types, such as the OpenEXR format…. DJV does.

This is great because it’ll enable me to check renders from within a stand alone player without having to directly bring them in to a compositing application’s project file or rendering an additional .mov for preview purposes.

Get it now, it’s free!

By Krystian Aug.1.2011
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Qemic Films Ident (draft) from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Qemic Films Ident test

Had a play around with an ident this weekend. Made it in 2K and added it to the film’s timeline. I figured there’s certain things although not of the highest importance can be experimented with at this early point, so why not get at them whilst waiting for certain out-of-hand matters? I want the Qemic Films ident to be really different from the other indents you see preceding films. I’m hoping to also harp back to my old frenetic abstract and dark – and using footage for it. It was fun doing this, but I have ideas to really make it awesome. So will wait to do music for it until then. Maybe next weekend if I get chance, but I have a lot of other more urgent film-stuff to do already planned so may not get chance. Enjoy!

By Krystian Oct.11.2010
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Why Animation? Part 2

Welcome back. In the last post I briefly described some of the reasons why I decided that using animation as my film’s medium would best suit me at this current juncture. Here is the following illustrating 4 more thoughts and considerations I took when making this choice. I’ve had ideas for a year now of what it will actually look like, thinking along the lines of other animated films that have been released, but honestly, I think the look and feel of it will be very new and unique, and it has to be because the script isn’t really a traditional animated story, it could be filmed, and 9 times out of ten would be. One of the hardest challenges I’ll have is actually making the look suit the type of story it is. In upcoming weeks you’ll start seeing the look develop as I try and experiment with looks and ideas, different techniques and technologies to see what works best from both a point of animating this amount of work and also looking right.

5. Work from home.pallette.jpg
I find this a huge advantage, the ability to spend time, in my own home-workplace, feeling free and comfortable to try ideas and different avenues, I don’t need to go off-site except to record dialogue and foley. So I have the ability to work at my own pace, with deadlines set by me and not predicated on costs of rented space or times of animators/editors. I plan to keep as much in-house as possible, including aspects that are not directly in the film, such as the supporting blog, videos etc…

6. Labor of love.
I don’t know what the future hold for me, I know I want to make films, I don’t know whether I will continue independently or be able to harbour support from a studio in the future. And I don’t like the term ‘Independent Film’, I think even though it’s not the literal translation but it does suggest a negative connotation of amateur, unpolished, cheap, this is something that I don’t want associated with the picture. I want it to look professional, unique and expensive. I want all aspects to be tip-top, good voice recordings – with good acting, good original soundtrack, and the actual images too, I want it to look great. It’s a labor of love. I always hear horror stories of studios butting-in, getting final cut, and altering the filmmaker’s vision, I really don’t want that happening to me.

7. Self Fundcoins2.jpg
I’ve already mentioned about the cheapness of creating animation primarily by myself, or maybe a small dedicated team. The self funding is really something that I’m shooting for at this given time, I’d like to feel comforted that I will own 100% of the rights of the film from beginning to end. If I own it 100% that gives me alot of options for how and what I choose to do with the film, I can say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to things at will, without the influence I might have with an investor who takes a chunk of the film in exchange for fully or partially funding it when at the moment it seems unnecessary. Also it’s going to be fun to think of creative ways around problems without the freedom of just throwing money at it.

8. Animation is more international.
Animation is produced all over the world, and no matter what continent it comes from, it rarely feels alien or separate from our cultures. I can watch a Miyazaki film and it feels universal to me, but of course it has the Japanese influence so it feels like a unique experience without being completely alien. I glober_green.jpgbelieve this has a lot to do with the caricature nature of animation, figures and designs are simple, idealised and it’s a lot easier to relate with that base. Plus with dubbing voices in other languages. Animation rarely comes across like the old Kung-Fu film imports the mouths seem to line up with the many languages much easier, as it’s not real, it’s an impression of real. In the hypothetical situation that I have the ability to get an international distributor in the future. For a studio it must be re-assuring that they can re-dub very easily in whatever language they wish, and it stand up the same as the original English version.

So there you have it, that’s my reasoning for the choice. It certainly wasn’t an easy one to make but I’m sure in a year or two I’ll still be confident that it was the right one. The next few upcoming posts will likely be very much geared towards the writing aspect as it’s the stage that I’m currently exiting and is most fresh to me at the moment and have a lot to say about.

I hope you enjoy the site and following my journey of actually putting the theory into practice and making this film a reality.

Miss Part 1? Click here to view it.

Stay tuned for next week’s post entitled, ‘1, Pre Production Update’.

By Krystian Jun.10.2010
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So How is the Film Progressing?

Wanted to give a little insight on what’s been going on lately. Late last year I published a blog post, ‘The Film‘, explaining very vaguely my plans for my film. I’ve sparsely mentioned the progress I’ve made and this has been mainly attributed to the current stage i’m in (writing). I’ve always liked story writing and in school I was told I was pretty good at it, but post leaving high school I haven’t continued to develop that area. At all. I had some major issues expanding the story of the screenplay, I attribute this to lack of conditioning in creating new story paths. I gave myself the deadline of a year to write it and I still feel good about that decision. With a year I have been able to sit with my outline and synopsis and mature the story in many areas as I deem fit. The goal being to saturate it and make it interesting enough to warrant spending 2+ years of my life actually ‘making’ it.

I’m really happy with how I am now able to generate plot ideas. As soon as the script started taking shape I started getting idea after idea for other stories/scripts. Some things I have been able to integrate together for a back-story or more of an ancillary character’s journey, and some I have put on the back burner with the peace of mind that this one (which has a name but will reveal that later) is the right one for me to be investing my energy into at this time being.

guitar boy

From Friday 18th of June to Friday 25th of June I am staying at my caravan in the Gower for another burst of writing with no distractions like the internet (yes no reception there) no shops, or people even, just peace and empty fields. Last time I was there (May) I had a healthy amount down on paper and this time around I have more than twice the days to have some serious progress.

I have a script consultant booked on 27th August, which is a year on the day I committed to the film. Through getting a professional and an outsiders perspective on my script I hope to take the feedback I agree with and get to a third draft from that information. I think the script consultant will be very beneficial as this is the very first script or substantial story writing I’ve written and the way I may feel about characters and situations may not translate the way I had planned to you. The consultant should open my eyes to these instances.

When I have the third draft, production will steam ahead. Casting, voicing, designing, animatics will follow shortly. Soon i’m going to be launching a new site dedicated to the film (it’s already made and is floating around somewhere) and there I’m planning on regularly posting progress, thoughts on the development, processes, general and hoping to do some production vlogs, not unlike (if I can get over my fear of the camera).

Some other crazy stuff has happened recently, which I wish I could talk about, but can’t at this time. I’ve been keeping a by weekly journal to help me remember that interesting things need to be happening….. it rivals both Anne Frank and Adrian Mole 😉

Wow you read all this?

By Krystian Nov.18.2008
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CSS-Tricks Intro Movie

Motion Graphics intro movie created for the screencasts (look out for it in future episodes). Read more about this video at the posting at my new portfolio website: [PL]. Music by me.

Update: This is actually the old version of the CSS-Tricks intro, for the 100th episode we made a new one, check it out here: CSS-Tricks Intro 2.0