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By Krystian Jul.28.2008
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Short abstract video created using iStopMotion and the iSight camera on my macbook, wasn’t sure whether to post this or not but decided for because i like the audio (and plus am feeling guilty for lack of posts). Working on some cool songs and videos (lengthier) at the moment that i’m really excited about and can’t wait to post, stay tuned i’ll try to post more regularly from now on!

By Krystian May.6.2008
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Five - Channel Ident Project from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

Channel 5 Ident

Ok this is a very short video post. This uni project is a late night, popcorn movie ident for Channel Five. I made it in one night, i’ll post some longer videos soon, i am on my final project of year two at the moment. So have alot to do these next 4 weeks.


By Krystian Dec.23.2007
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Elf Envy- Christmas Cartoon.

Christmas is here. And to spread some joy here’s a short Christmas toon starring Santa Claus.

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