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By Krystian Nov.29.2009
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The Film

A little History

Ok, so some people here may already know that i’m currently writing a script for a film that i intend to make and complete in the next few years. Although at the moment, i don’t want to give to much information about it away, as i’m still developing new ideas and avenues as i’m writing, i have a name which i’m also happy with and will reveal that later too.

I’ve been planning on doing this since the last year of college (4 years ago now) and has been a bit of a pipe dream all my life. But now, it’s happening and i’m really pumped and focused on it (it’s one of the main reasons that the site’s been so quiet as i’ve been prepping research for the project, it was also the reasoning behind starting up the drawing blog to get some, digital drawing practice a year beforehand).


What i can tell you at the moment it that:

  1. It’s going to be a full-feature length movie.
  2. It’s going to be completely animated.
  3. And i’m going to do pretty much everything myself

on weekends, including music (will have help with dialogue of course).

I’m not going to post much more on the film for a while, at least until i’m at the end of the writing stage and am entering the design/production stage. In time the film will have it’s own site, and production diaries, not completely unlike But until then if you’re interested in knowing more, i’d love you to fill out the form below to subscribe to the newsletter (you wont get any confirmation emails or anything like that), and in a few months i’ll send you a packed email full of info, schedule and stuff like that.

  • best of luck, a huge undertaking. Especially getting started. How fun…

  • Very exciting! Hope writing is going well – I know it can be a slow, difficult process πŸ™‚ But I’m anxious to see more!

  • Thanks so much for your comments, especially at this early stage where i have given nothing plot related away… it’s really nice and Encouraging πŸ™‚

    @Adam – I think i’m going in and out of thinking it’s fun and thinking of how daunting and far i have to go until i’m comfortably confident at finishing…. I know i’ll finish it, just hope it doesn’t take too long.

    @Mike – Writing’s going both slow and fast, in the sense that i seem to be getting alot of scenes written and things i want to touch on, but need to find a way to fuse everything together into a final piece that i’m really happy with.

    I think the writing part is the most nervous and unsure stage for me, i feel like i’m building the foundation for everything else to build upon, i’m more looking forward to the actual design and production stage.

    Thanks to everyone who has subscribed so far!

    -I’ve already purchased the domains and theme for the eventual film’s production site…. but it’s still a little while off before i’m considering launching it.