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By Krystian Apr.6.2009
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The Thing - Title Sequence from Krystian Morgan on Vimeo.

The Thing - Title Sequence

Title Sequence for the John Carpenter movie. Still not entirely sure what i think about this video, i’ve worked harder on it that anything else i’ve ever done, and i do know that it’s the best thing that i’ve done so far, but i spent so long in and out of love with the project, i can’t really look at it much anymore…

Krystian Morgan interviewed about ‘The Thing’ at

Featured in Computer Arts, issue #165

3rd Place Digital Artist Awards 2009

There’s two versions, this is the shorter of the two, this ones a bit more cleaner-cut than the other, and there’s a section in the other video that seems a bit out of place (i’ll have to get a second opinion).

I wanted to encapsulate a very visceral and foreboding image. So i took the tactile approach of renting a HDV camera and shooting some close-ups of various organic matter, taking many photographs of slimy textures to incorporate together into the short.

I personally think the still frames below are stronger than the video itself, would really love to hear your thoughts on it, since only three people including myself have seen the final prior to posting now.

Thanks to Rupert, for suggesting doing ‘The Thing’ as this project, and also Chris my tutor for really helping me out with ideas and motivating me, because i got tired with working on it alot.

Music by me.

Can’t wait to make something better.







  • Very cool…..I loved the imagery….it felt very organic and eerie, which is what I am sure you were going for…. 🙂

  • well, i think it’s quite good.
    motion, stills, typography and music.
    excellent work.

  • This is great! I really like how the typography sinks in the video. The images also match very well with the text and the music. (To be fair I’ve never seen the Thing tho). Fantastic.

  • Bravo sir.

    Very well done.

  • Tremendously strong piece!

    Extraordinary background imagery. Brilliant titling. And appropriately menacing soundtrack (gulp).

    Definitely top marks.

    *I’m a fan of the original film, btw.

  • Thanks for all the comment, appreciate it!

    @Robert, really glad someone who’s a fan of the film liked it, that’s always the toughest audience i worry about 🙂

  • this is great. I love the typeface you used. very eery

  • @Kath, thanks, the font is Garamond i believe, i made it all crooked and odd shaped like that as the text was supposed to be a mutt, look like it was formed from many different sources, just like the creature in the movie who absorbs an array life-forms so is a mutt in itself. 🙂

  • Victor

    This is awesome! Great job! I am a die hard fan of this film and I think John would be proud!

  • Outstanding work Krystian, by far your best work. The tone and pacing are excellent and work for the story perfectly. I really love the close up footage of the insects, how on earth did you capture this.

    nice one, keep it up.

  • Take it with several grains of salt.

    I think you’re off the mark. IMHO The Thing isn’t about the grossness or morphology of the creature. While The Thing is a landmark for special effects of the 80s, those parts of the film are just genre tropes that advance what makes the it truly brilliant.

    For the majority of the film the enemy isn’t some horrific creature, it’s human, and that makes humans the antagonist. The Thing holds up because it ISN’T essentially a horror film. The Thing is about paranoia, isolation and how appearances can’t be trusted. In that sense, it’s closer to a mystery story.

    I once saw an interview with John Carpenter where he said there are two different kinds of scary stories. The first is pointing out into the darkness and saying, “Something terrible is out there and we have to protect ourselves from it.” The other, more powerful story is pointing at ourselves and saying, “There’s something terrible in here and we can’t protect ourselves from it.”

    That said, this piece work is very polished and without technical flaws. You’re going places.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I’m guessing you came from, i completely agree about the humans being the antagonist and the creature being the catalyst, and in the interview i explain that. Of course it’s subjective but my goal was to suggest what was to come, a precursor, a little foreboding image before we see the brilliant contrasting white of the snow.

    Opinions differ, this is mine.

    Thanks for visiting 🙂

  • Hey, great blog.