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By Krystian Jul.28.2008
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Short abstract video created using iStopMotion and the iSight camera on my macbook, wasn’t sure whether to post this or not but decided for because i like the audio (and plus am feeling guilty for lack of posts). Working on some cool songs and videos (lengthier) at the moment that i’m really excited about and can’t wait to post, stay tuned i’ll try to post more regularly from now on!

  • I like the audio, too. And the feeling of dark abstract madness in your room.
    Feels good to muck about with video and share it, eh?
    Fuck perfectionism!
    You got something good going on here and you almost didn’t post it. More!

  • *ack!*

    I can’t believe that you were thinking of not posting this! This is really good stuff. Love the audio and the grungy stutter shots.

    More more more!!

  • Gorgeous. This is what I love. The fact that there’s always something right in front of us, if only we can see. Tis the beauty of art. Great audio, too. Bring on the lengthier pieces! 🙂

  • Thanks all, i always get stressed out with getting my videos to a certain quality before i post them, and i suppose obsessing over this is really impeding me from creating and posting new stuff. The worst thing is, i love blogging and am always desperate to post something, if it was just music it would be alot easier for me,writing music comes more natural than videos but practice makes better. I just need to learn to pull the trigger and get started on my ideas, rather than waiting for the ‘perfect’ opportunity.

    p.s can someone tell me (who subscribed to receive emails of follow up comments here) if you’re actually receiving them, i think the plugin may be broken?…

  • yeah, i love this. audio definatly makes this darker and more mysterious

    what did iStopMotion add to this that using a camera couldnt? Does iSM do like an interval timelapse or something? Or did you stop frame it all manually?


  • @adam yeah iStopMotion does have a timelapse facility, but i did this manually, i used the time lapse setting on the ‘Hands’ video. Yeah i suppose i could have done it with a camera but i was just playing about with the software, just spontaneous out of boredom and i wanted to get a jerky look with sudden cuts which were all done with in the filming, the audio was the only thing i affected in After Effects.

  • sounds cool, I have iSM from the mac heist and have not played with it yet. It does give a much more random movement you would have to contrive using a cam. Like it.

    cheers for the answer