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By Krystian Oct.1.2012
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'WAX' a novel by Phil Duncan - Book Trailer

I had a lot of fun making this, it’s my first real foray into 3D animation and has really boosted my confidence/excitement in the medium going forward.

Preorder the book here: WAX @ RainTown Press
Some info for the tech-eys:

Modelled in Cinema 4D & ZBrush
Animated in Cinema 4D
Composited in After Effects
Edited in Premiere Pro
Scored in Garageband (yep) using a ‘Blue’ baby bottle and a Martin 000-M.

Some stills from the trailer:

WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still032WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still031WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still030WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still027WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still026WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still025WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still021WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still018WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still016WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still015WAX TRAILER (New Audio).Still010